Report a Concern

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311GIS is an interactive tool used to report service request concerns directly to City Staff.
 311GIS 311GIS allows citizens to report
non-emergency concerns in new ways:
the website and mobile app.
Visit the 311GIS Website 
311GIS City of Manassas Website
Find the 311GIS Mobile App free in iTunes iTunes

or free in Google Play Store google play logo.PNG
How Does the Citizen 311GIS Solution Work?

Step 1:
Click 311GIS Manassas, VA

Step 2: Create an Account or Login. (Login or Create an Account by clicking "log in" on the left side of the application). Creating an account allows City Staff to respond directly to you and provide you with updates. Note: Anonymous requests may also be submitted.

Step 3: Submit a Request to the City. Once logged in, click the "Create a Request" icon to submit a request to the City of Manassas. Follow the step-by-step wizard to enter your request.

Use your laptop
To use 311GIS on your laptop, download Microsoft Silverlight.
Use the app Use 311GIS on your phone, laptop or computer to report non-emergency requests such as: repair of street or potholes, reporting of hazardous sidewalk condition, graffiti, litter, street or gutter drainage problems, bike paths and catch basin stoppages, street sign issues, traffic signal outage(s), streetlight outage(s).  Use your tablet
Reminder:  the location of concern must be within the City of Manassas boundaries. The exact reported location/site address is required.